Fátima Regina Fernandes Research Line: Culture & Power I was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro in May 1962. I took the Graduate Course in History at the School of Letters of the University of Porto-Portugal (1985); got my Master’s in Ancient and Medieval History from the Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1990), where I defended the thesis entitled “Afonso III in Book of Laws and Postures”, guided by Prof. Dr. Maria Sonsoles Guerras, and subsidized by CNPq; my Ph.D. was in Medieval History at the School of Letters of the University of Porto, Portugal (1997) where I defended the thesis entitled “The regal-nobiliarchic relations in the reign of King Fernando I of Portugal”, guided by Prof. Dr. Humberto Carlos Baquero Moreno, and funded by CAPES. I published two books on the subject of Medieval History, Sociedade e poder na Baixa Idade Média portuguesa (2003) (Society and Power in the Portuguese Late Middle Age) by UFPR’s Publishers and Comentários à legislação medieval portuguesa de Afonso III (2000) (Comments on the Portuguese Medieval legislation of Afonso III) by Juruá. I am a member of the Center for Mediterranean Studies (NEMED) of UFPR, which maintains institutional contacts with specialists of Medieval History in Brazil and abroad. I am also partner of ABREM (Brazilian Association of Medieval Studies) and Collaborator of  PEM / UFRJ (Medieval Studies Program), in addition to participating in research projects registered at CNPq of researchers from UFRJ, EMU and UERJ. I have been working as a teacher of the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in the History of UFPR since 1998. I am under a productivity scholarship of the CNPq with the project entitled A monarquia portuguesa e o Cisma do Ocidente (século XIV) (The Portuguese Monarqchy and the Western Schism – 14th century). I advise research on themes relative to Medieval History and my research concentration area is  Portuguese Late Middle Age, in the line of Social History of Institutions, studying specifically monarchy and nobility, as of the prosopographic method. Currículo Lattes: clique aqui E-mail: lxa90@hotmail.com